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Kendosol Juan Dolio


MARCH, 2020

It is located on Main Street, in front of the entrance of the Barceló Capella Beach Hotel in the city of
Juan Dolio. The building also has, in the southern part of the site, direct access from the street without a name
Its coordinates are: 18 ° 25’47.37 «N / 69 ° 23’58.45» W 

The Project site has an area of ​​3,619.96 m2. It consists mainly of two (2) towers of
460m2 of footprint on the surface, with lobby, vehicular entrance, common areas and apartments. Buildings
they will have 13 and 14 levels respectively and a maximum height of 48.00m2 for 144 apartments and 216 parking units

The project has a total of 19,300.00 m2 of total construction and this footage is divided into four lines:
1. Vehicle circulation, parking and gardens consist of 8,750.00m2
2. Public spaces: they consist of gymnasium, restaurants, bar, pool area, among others they consist of 1, 550.00m2
3. Apartments: The 144 housing units total 9,000.00m2 in total.

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It is the new definition of architecture and nature delivering the best of both to offer you a home. This project on the coast of Two (2) towers of thirteen (13) and fourteen (14), levels each, with panoramic views of the Juan Dolio area, offers six (6) apartments per level with excellent distribution and exquisite completion, in addition to an underground parking area.
The concept of the project that consists of inviting family enjoyment and rest, having the best mix between enjoying the privacy of your personal space and a wide range of amenities for common enjoyment with family, friends and neighbors.



Come and enjoy your own home with all the comforts that a project could give you, your own apartment + housing bonus in the Opus Residential in San Isidro 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms 1 parking.

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Opus Residencials San Isidro Santo Domingo

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