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Kendosol Juan Dolio


MARCH, 2020


The project includes: 

• Two different buildings with a facade and thematic elements, which give personality to each of the towers.
• Beautiful garden areas, where the elements of nature will form an essential part of the landscaping that will welcome you.
• Double height lobby and refined design to receive your arrival.
• Contemporary waiting room.
• Concierge with 24-hour monitored surveillance control service and mail reception.
• Wireless Internet technology (Wi-fi) in the common areas of the building. Access control for residents.
• Two (02) levels of parking that comply with all design and safety regulations. They have natural ventilation.
• Availability of one (01) or two (02) parking spaces as appropriate per apartment.
• Parking for visitors.
• Parking for service.
• Ample service and drivers.
• Offices for the Administration of the condominium.
• Technical rooms.
• Permanent energy service system.
• Common gas.
• Two (02) high-speed elevator arriving at the private foyers on each level, in each tower
• Interior emergency staircase.
• Fire Cabinet.


Its height pool includes:
• Children’s pool integrated into the recreational pool.
• Outdoor areas.
• BBQ area.
• Roofed terrace bar for snacks or drinks. Its amenities area includes:

• Common areas for families to enjoy
• Gym area.
• Full bathrooms for men and women.
• Large multipurpose room for events, large bar and dance floor.
• Games area.
• Lounge area for the enjoyment of joint activities.
• BBQ area.


Their residences include:
• Two models of apartments of 52.00m2 and 73.00m2 respectively
• Wonderful view of the Juan Dolio area.
• Receiver
• Great room that allows the creation of three different environments.
• Dining area with integrated kitchen
• Large Balconies with city views, allows light and ventilation to enter the great room.
• Bedroom with large dressing room and private bathroom.
• Kitchen with modular and modern design.
• Ease to integrate being familiar into the kitchen.
• Closet of white clothes.
• Guest bathroom. Finishing qualities:

• Exteriors with different motifs and coatings, depending on the theme of the tower.
• Floors of the parking area in architectural concrete.

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 • Line water heater.
• Granite laundry in laundry area.



• In foyers of each level they will be made of imported large format porcelain.
• General interior floor of the apartment in imported porcelain tile different shades according to the areas.
• Terraces and balconies in rustic natural stone and / or porcelain.
• Bathrooms in matte imported ceramic tiles of different colors.
• Service bathrooms in Creole white ceramic tiles, includes shower tray.
• Baseboards in foyers on each level according to the corresponding floor.
• Baseboards in apartment interiors according to the floors corresponding to each area. 

• Decorative ceiling lights in social areas.
• Ceiling toilets.

Doors and Hardware. 

• All doors and details in precious wood or similar.
• Imported hardware, high quality and durability 

Electrical and air conditioning installations. 

• Electrical, telephone, satellite, cable television outlets with accessories.
• Pre-installation of air conditioning. 

2 bed 2 bath – 1 parking 75.99m2 US $ 118,329.97
1 bed 1.5 baths – 1 parking – 52,40m2 US $ 81,535.23

2 bed 2 bath – 1 parking 79,46m2 US $ 128,667.46
1 bed 1.5 baths – 1 parking – 52.42m2 US $ 81,669.84

2 bed 2 bath – 1 parking 75.44m2 US $ 117,557.04
1 bed 1.5 baths – 1 parking – 52,40m2 US $ 85,076.90






Come and enjoy your own home with all the comforts that a project could give you, your own apartment + housing bonus in the Opus Residential in San Isidro 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms 1 parking.

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Opus Residencials San Isidro Santo Domingo

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